Social Medi-ocre

by DrPamelaAlbro

In our social media-dominant age, where perfected images of our lives and ourselves are conveniently created with the help of just the right lighting, the optimal angle, and user-friendly filters, it is all too easy to disregard the myriad of “imperfect” iterations that get edited out along the way.

But those cuts are evidence of the less-perfected, less-manicured, less-idealized reality that is our actual lived experience. It is those imperfect images that connect us to a richer, and more neglected, community of humans…and humanness.

We are so much more nuanced and affected than the perfected images and lives we strive to portray. A reality that these idealized finished products vanquish; and with that, our membership—and even more essentially our experience of partnership—to each other.

In the end, stepping away from that perfect “selfie”…that impossible self-image…and presenting ourselves with half-closed eyes intact, might actually bring us closer to each other, to ourselves, and even to that greatest ideal of life—living!

Blurred edges, and all.