Cupid’s Ominous Arrow

by DrPamelaAlbro

Love… such a crafty little trickster. We want it so completely! Literature, film, music, even fashion… all speak to our universal desire to love and be loved in return. And yet….


Love and intimacy also bring up our deepest fears, our earliest wounds lodged deep in our hearts, and shield themselves for dear life…with bows and arrows upgraded and reinforced WELL beyond Cupid’s old-school arsenal…in the face of love’s promise. To be seen… to be wanted… is terrifying, as it inherits the risk of ultimate rejection and loss.

These pains are awakened with the slightest seduction of hope. A hope so ancient and primitive that our conscious minds can hardly differentiate between past and present… hope and fear. So much so, that we find ways… subtle, and sometimes blatant… to stop Cupid in his tracks, and rather turn from love’s healing embrace, than risk reliving the pain of an essential loss.

What is the face of your deepest desire? Who does it resemble in those moments when the promise of hope and love turn to the fear of an unbearable loss? When every fiber of your being demands that you take up arms against a sea of inevitable loss, and, by opposing, escape it…

Ay! And there’s the rub. For, in that terror of loss, what opportunity for a new experience of love may come?