Mother’s Day

by DrPamelaAlbro

As Mother’s Day fast approaches, I am brought to think about all of the various forms the experience of Mother can take. The experience of Mother takes as many forms as there are “children” seeking her comfort. This day, therefore, can be as much a celebration of the mother we have as a painful reminder of the mother we don’t.

Mother is our first love, even if she is our first loss. The survival of our body depends on her nourishment, and the development of our sense of self depends on her nurturance. We can be born from her, as well as to her. She can give us life, or come to us later in life. She can be woman, man, child or god. And—for better or for worse—we ultimately mother ourselves, and others, in response to her strengths and weaknesses.

But, whatever the form of your own personal experience of mother, the archetypal Mother never ceases to exist in our deepest experience of self. Whether you call her mother, friend, farmers market, nature, spa, creativity or higher self, the archetypal Mother offers a space where you can cultivate your own relationship to Mother—in honor, or in absence, of your experience of mom.

How do you connect with Mother, within or beyond the experience of mom, to draw in nourishment and nurture the self and others?